Event Promotions

With his exclusive partnership with Barrett Productions, Mr. Senate can offer to host pre-event promotional videos & PSAs that can even play on local public television just prior to your fundraising events.

In addition, our event promotional package includes preparation and submission of an event announcement (still photo with info) that will also air on local public television for up to 4wks prior to your big event. In addition to the event announcement airing free-of-charge on local public television, the announcement will be viewed dozens perhaps hundreds of times (depending on the number of event        announcements in the rotation for any given week).

The event announcement service is a free service of our local public television network CAPS Ch6 and therefore we do not charge for the airing of these either. There is a nominal 1-time submission fee, and an addition nominal charge if you would like us to prepare the announcement for you.

The same arrangement goes for your public television pre-event public television program – the airing of the program is free, there will be numerous broadcasts of the program (separate and not a part of your production agreement with Barrett Productions) and only a nominal 1-time fee applies to the actual production of the program. There are no promises as to how many times the program will be viewed (also as a Youtube video) due to public television commercial restrictions, but the program will be submitted for public television viewing prior to your event.

What we can promise you is a full-length Youtube video of the entire program (for a one-time upload fee in addition to the production fee) and that you are then free to link the Youtube video to any promotional emails you’re sending in advance of your event, and also you may link it to your website for as long as you’d like.

Here is a sample of a pre-event promotional video from 2017. It’s in support of Art Comes Alive, an annual celebration of the anniversary of the opening of the Ch. Is. Maritime Museum in Oxnard, Ca. ;

If your organization might be  interested in having Mr. Senate host your pre-event promotional video (as explained above) please send the details (name, date & location of the event) to;


Please be sure to contact us at least 3mo. prior to your event so that we can work together on producing and airing the best production possible in support of your event!

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