Tours & Lectures

Richard Senate’s tours with the City of Ventura’s Parks & Rec. Dept. can be found by visiting the Schedule page. To attend one of these interesting & educational tours, you need to purchase your tickets through the Ventura Pks. & Rec. by going online to                or by calling (805)658-4726.

To arrange for a private tour or lecture, contact Mr. Senate directly at Please indicate the date & location of your desired tour or lecture, and how many people plan to attend. Mr. Senate also works with an audio/video engineer who can provide you with a sound system and projector/screen (or large-screen television for groups under 30 people).

Here is a short list of the most popular Richard Senate lectures.

History of the California Missions

History of San Buenaventura

History of the Adobes of Ventura County*

*featuring the Olivas Adobe

History of the Pioneering Families of Ventura County*

*featuring  Thomas Bard & the Oxnard Brothers

U.S. & European Maritime History

The Battles for California (from the Mexican/American War to the Civil War to the Japanese Internment during WWII).

Customized Presentations

For an additional fee, Mr. Senate will prepare an historic presentation about any subject you choose. Lectures are limited to 25min. and can be edited to fit any time slot you have available. Please allow 4-6wks for custom subject preparation.

If you would like your event filmed for local television or for Youtube(.com), or just for DVDs for your personal use, please                 indicate what you’d like to have produced by contacting his producer Robert Barrett at

Pre-Event Promotional Public Television Programs

In addition to speaking at your events, Mr. Senate & Barrett Productions offer pre-event promotional public television productions that can air on local public television for up to 2wks prior to your event. These programs can also be uploaded to and edited to 15, 30 & 60sec. television commercials or PSAs (Public Service        Announcements). Our pre-event promotional package is a great way to promote your event locally, and can be ordered separately (from      hiring Mr. Senate as your speaker).  For more information about pre-event promotions, please contact

Here’s a sample of a 30min. public television program produced from one of Richard’s interview shows. This program was filmed at the Ch Is Maritime Museum in advance of their Art Comes Alive          historical re-enactment anniversary celebration in mid February.

The following is a comprehensive list of Mr. Senate’s history presentations, biographies of famous figures, lectures about his paranormal investigative work & more!

Historical Subjects

How the West was Won. In all contests someone loses in this case it was the Native Peoples. Gold Rush, settlement, and ghost towns.

The History of Hollywood; When & why Hollywood was formed, innovations in early film making, transition from silent films to ‘talkies’, the ‘Golden Age’ of film (1930-1960).

The War with Mexico–A grim and terrible war was waged between 1846 and 1848 that saw 1/3 of Mexico incorporated into the USA–a little studied conflict that was important.

The History of England–the strange and the bizarre stories—more myth than fact of Robin Hood (a real fellow) and King Arthur (not so real)  and King Richard Lionheart.

The Story of Flight–lighter than air to cloth and stick Wright Brother flying machines and World War One aces–to the P-51 and F-86.

The Story of Mexico–From the Aztecs & Mayans to today’s modern Mexican society, from revolution and poverty to cartels & corruption.

Ships of California–famous ships from the “La Victoria” to the “USS Wyoming” even the  “CSS Shenandoah”  and the “Ning Po” Junk and the “Star of India” and USS Iowa.

The Strange History of the United States. The Cornstalk Curse, lost mines and odd events from the revolution to World War  two.

The story of the Battle of Little Big Horn–a new look at the 1876 battle that saw Custer’s Last Stand.

The Road to Pearl Harbor–How the USA became involved in the second World War.

The History of Hawaii–from chief doms to kingdoms and to shameful acquisition by the United States.

History of California Gold Rush;   Includes stories of Lost Gold, Ghost Towns, Odd Facts from the Gold Rush Era

Famous Figures

The works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (writer and creator of Tarzan, Barsoom and Pellucidar).

The History of Erle Stanley Gardner (author of the Perry Mason mystery series).

The story of Charlie Chan–how a real Chinese detective sparked a literary character in the 1930s.  His movies and maxims, books and actors–now discredited.

Paranormal Investigation

 UFOs over California–do space aliens visit California starting in 1897?  Famous sightings of UFOs (and USOs) & accounts of alien encounters ‘of the 3rd Kind’ (i.e. alien abductions of humans).

Monsters and myths of the Golden West–Did you know Bigfoot has been seen in Griffith Park in LA? Other monsters as well.

Into the seance room–what happens at a seance? Meet some of the great mediums of the past–both real and fake.   The dawn of paranormal research.

Strange new sciences–Arkology, Crypto Archaeology, CryptoZoology–new sciences not yet recognized by established science but just on the cusp of recognition.

Creative Writing

To write a mystery–how to write a mystery story and how to write like Erle Stanley Gardner or Arthur Conan Doyle.

Cryptographology–Ghostly writings–is it possible for dead writers to pen new stories? Some say yes–we will look into these works and maybe try some ourselves?

History of California, Ghost Hunting, Storytelling