Message from Ghostmaster Bob

Creating the Official Richard Senate Website is both a distinct honor and great pleasure for a local public television producer who has also had the great pleasure of working with Richard on many occasions in the past on such programs as Destination Ventura (see the Tall Ships tab), Ghosts of Cemetery Park & Mission Plaza (separate ghost hunting episodes), Ghost Stories of Ventura County & Lost       Treasures of Ventura County. Of all of the guest hosts I’ve worked with over the past 15yrs producing public television programs, I find Richard Senate’s television persona, period-appropriate wardrobe & extensive knowledge of each of his presentations to be among the finest to be found anywhere. We here in Ventura county are              certainly fortunate to have such a professional historian & presenter working here to help preserve & bring to life so many of the colorful people, places & events from our local past.

As a public television producer it has always been my goal to present my subjects as accurately as possible, and while Mr. Senate certainly has the ability to tell wild and outlandish ghost tales, I can assure you that his historical presentations & his paranormal investigative work are serious business. Never has he or anyone working with him on his ghost hunts ever presented to me any plan to create any        special effects to try to convince viewers that any paranormal activity is taking place. Mr. Senate’s ghost hunts are extremely serious business & anything ‘extraordinary’ that you see on any of his ghost hunting episodes happened exactly as you see them unfold. There is no trick editing or on-set special effects, as I have no extra crew helping me film & Mr. Senate brings no one with him either. We show up on site, meet the ghost hunters chosen to assist with the ghost hunt, and simply video-document what happens. I also have never met any of his ghost hunters before filming them at the location of the ghost hunt, and there are numerous individuals who will attest that they have attended one of Mr. Senate’s ghost hunts and that there were/are no production tricks involved during the filming of these episodes. So far I have only filmed outdoor ghost hunts as well, so there is no possibility of someone banging on pipes, slamming doors or walking on creaky upstairs floors (etc.).

Lastly I would like to thank all of Richard’s friends & fans for their many years of supporting his fine work, but mostly I’d like to thank Richard himself, and congratulate him on making a full and remarkable recovery from his recent death-defying medical ordeal & for getting back to work in such short order.

I know that you’re with me in wishing Richard a full recovery and many more years of great health and great shows!

Ghostmaster Bob

(aka Robert Barrett, Exec. Producer Barrett Productions and                  Webmaster/Ghostmaster of The Official Richard Senate Website)